Hi everyone!!! I'm Chris Gale and I'm the latest addition to the I'LL Drive School of Motoring family, having joined in December 2011.So what can I say about myself? Well, I live in Ammanford but I'm originally from West London where I moved from six years ago. I have been an ADI for just over three years now, after spending over 20 years in the motor industry where I have worked for many companies including Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Jaguar. Whilst working in the motor industry, I have been privileged to have driven some of the fastest cars on the planet on various track days, my last one being a Ferrari F360 at the famous Silverstone circuit in January of this year. I have always had a passion for cars and driving which is why I love my job immensely. Although teaching someone to drive is a serious business, I also like to have fun as well as I'm sure you'll find out!! When I'm not working I like to relax with my family, which is my wife, my eight month old daughter and my dog!! I'm a huge football fan and coming from West London, I have supported my beloved Chelsea for many years. Apart from football, I enjoy playing the Playstation, music, films and a really good curry!!!! That's about it really, there are lots of things I could say......but I guess if you want to know more, you can ask me in person on your driving lessons!! Chris Gale (ADI) 07758281337
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Chris Gale